paint_or_perishCanadian painter Jae Dougall has evolved a unique and immediately recognizable style with high-keyed post-impressionist oils on canvas employing fluid lines, strong colours and patterning.

Much of the subject matter has strong angles and curves, with an emphasis on the edges of furniture and rugs, window frames, floor tiles, baseboards and entry ways. The compositions as a whole feel circular and in motion. Aided by the curve of a vase here, the bend of a chair frame there, a light-hearted use of perspective and plenty of foreshortening, the still life layouts seem to spin and dance with colour and light. The nudes and the figure studies are similarly fragmented and rhythmical, with angled perspectives and reflected colour. Unifying the subject matter is a strong contour line in complementary colours that both separates and unifies the parts of the compositions.

Dougall is a master at picking up a motif in one area of the work and repeating it with variations in other areas. Many of her colourful nudes are adorned with jewellery and flowers. In the tradition of Cezanne’s use of multiple perspectives and Gauguin’s strong line, she incorporates pottery and china with other beautiful objects on her ever-tilting surfaces.

Jae Dougall was born in the Philippines and currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Jae began painting at the age of 12 under the mentorship of her father, the Impressionist painter José Trinidad. Since 1991, she has exhibited in Canada, the USA, and Asia. Her works are part of corporate and private collections worldwide: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Washington DC, Washington State, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, South Carolina, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Guernsey Island, England, Taiwan, and Leon and Toulouse, France.